Wix and Squarespace Spent over $10 Million to Lure Users

wix and squarespace spent over $10 million to lure usersDuring the 2016 Superbowl, we find Wix and Squarespace Spent over $10 Million to Lure Users. Last year there were more Online DYI Website ads than soda (or pop), beer or cars. This year some notables are sitting it out, like Go-Daddy is a no-show. Maybe businesses are catching on.

With game-time prices “just north” of $5 million per 30 seconds, Wix and Squarespace are each buying in. Why? Well…the websites run from a few bucks to about $25 a month. So they would need to sign up quite a few users, right? Well wait until you see what the add-ons cost. Want a shopping cart? Paid App…no blog, unless, you guessed it, a paid app. Social media connections? What a surprise, paid app.

But the bigger problem is Business Websites are not business cards or brochures and they should be treated as such.


A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is the most important pieces of any website. It’s one of the first things we focus on, before aesthetics and Google Analytics (missing from DIY website builders). The first question our clients ask is “How do I rank higher?” SEO is building a website and developing your strategy then implementing it across every page, paragraph, image, video and blog post. When following Google Best Practices it’s proven and it works.

code-1076536_1920With a Wix, Squarespace, Go-Daddy, or ANY online DIY website, implementing an SEO strategy is impossible. You do not have the ability to use any common SEO tools; instead, you simply have the on-page SEO that Wix (or any other DIY ) offers. Most troubling is the link structure that Wix employs. In every single Wix.com site URL, you will notice a # or “hashbang” which is being served through javascript, and in turn is not readable by search engines. Which partly explains why Google doesn’t index them all to well. Google “Wix Google problems” for more information. Bottom line, all the DIY website builders do have good SEO for the website builder companies. For your business? Not so much.

Website Ownership

Every business should own their website and content. Period. Your website, the content and the images are just as valuable to you as any other business asset. But wait….

Wix and Squarespace Spent over $10 Million In the Wix terms of service;

“(you) allow Wix to use in perpetuity, worldwide and free of charge, any version of your User Website (or any part thereof) for any of Wix’s marketing and promotional activities, online and/or offline, and modify it as reasonably required for such purposes, and you waive any claims against Wix.”

Well that’s kinda scary. By signing up for Wix web services, you are allowing Wix.com to modify your site and your site’s content simply by agreeing to the Terms of Use.

By the way, along with the fact that the monthly payments go on for the life of the website (never end until the site “ends”), they “own” the content.

Wrong. Pay for a site, own it, control it. 

Locked out of Marketing

Along with the miserable SEO tools with DIY website builders, you’ll also find you are locked out of content marketing (also known as inbound marketing). The fact that they use 3rd party apps for blog/news/update pages which pretty much locks you out of any marketing efforts. One of the most basic elements Google cares about are how your page titles are structured and what they tell about the page, yet Wix pays no attention to this. It’s beyond mind-boggling.

What is boils down to is a business has a website address and a domain. If you use an online DIY Website Builder, you get an address, but the domain is theirs. That leads to all sorts of difficulties, the worst being you can’t do what 7 of 10 business owners are doing…content marketing. 

11048683_1609124939299006_2056990964604939591_nI honestly can’t think of a single business type that would seriously want a website from a company that says “expect to see your business indexed by Google in 3 months“. Wow. You do know that you can submit your site for a “Google Fetch” or even manually submit a sitemap and index it manually right? Opps. Sorry…

Not with Wix (or any other DIY)



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