The Secret to SEO in 2016

The real secret to SEO in 2016 is not easy. But If the SEO emails about “first page results guaranteed” (you can learn the fine print here) or “top rankings”, #1 results, etc. have left a bad taste in your mouth, know that I am with you.

Even we get those emails here at TABB, and we are a Google Partner so go figure. Our clients forward them to us as well. “Hey, I was on your site and noticed you aren’t utilizing….” Right….

the secret to seo in 2016That being said, there are bad eggs in every profession, but SEO seems to attract a carnival atmosphere that PT Barnum himself would be envious of.  In a span of only a few years, about a zillion agencies have popped up, claiming to do “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). If you think the bearded lady seems too good to be true, you’d be right.

Thanks to these shady organizations promising top spots in search returns, SEO has gotten a bad rap. On the other hand, find me a business that doesn’t know what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is, “so the bad press is good press” axiom exists.

the real secret to seo in 2016The Secret to SEO in 2016

There is no secret. Nope. No “special sauce”, no “Coke recipe”, No “ancient Chinese secret”.

At the turn of the century, back in the days of the internet wild west, there were ways to game the system. That started to change around 2009. There has been a steady progression since then and right now, in 2016 both Google and Bing (97% of the search market combined) rank pages pretty damn close to what a human would.

That being said, SEO is alive and well. That is, White Hat Google Best Practices SEO is alive and well.

secret to SEO - I need to SEO the shit out of this post

But make no mistake, the closest thing there is to a secret to SEO, is… create great content, and to (almost) quote Matt Damon in The Martian, “SEO the shit out of it.”

So here is the problem.

Business A has a webpage. This business updates their webpage every few years to keep it “fresh”(not really but the owner thinks so), but has no blog/update/news page (which pretty much equates to content marketing which can be an SEO gold mine) and little-to-no social media (which also plays into SEO).

I can make one valid observation on Business A that cannot be refuted.

burglar-157142_1280Business A does not need to spend one thin dime on SEO, because no SEO in the world will really help a 2-3 year old site.

And anyone who is telling you different is just stealing from you.

Business A has 3 choices.

  • Keep their webpage until someone convinces them otherwise.
  • Update the site from the ground up with fresh SEO on every page (which will help some)
  • Update the website fresh from the ground up, start a blog/news/update and start content marketing yourself without Google Best Practices SEO or hire TABB to do it with Google Best Practices (which over time takes your digital footprint from size “Kenny Baker -R2-D2” to size “Bob Lanier – NBA Sneaker Size 22”)

As far as the secret to SEO in 2016 is concerned, let’s look at the big boy, Google. They have over 200 “ingredients” that determine the order of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

And there is NOT ONE company that knows them (They say they do, but they don’t).

For the average business, there are a few dozen Google Best Practices SEO “Must Do’s” that DO makes sense and that DO work, and give you at least a shot of landing on the very first page of a web search.

The real secret to SEO in 2016Because the real secret to SEO in 2016 is a responsive, active website with a constant flow of creative content marketing backed up with solid Google Best Practices SEO and dispersed to pertinent social media channels for SEO backlinks (especially on Google).

It’s just not the sort of SEO that has gotten such a (deservedly) bad name. But this is tremendously valuable in the long term, and therein lies the rub with the emails that promise SEO “results” so quickly. But at the end of the day, it’s what works.

More than ever, people buy products from companies that provide value to them.

And this is what you miss without a responsive webpage, content marketing, social media and ongoing SEO for both, which increases your digital footprint so new customers can find you.

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