SEO – 2 Decades of Blue Hypertext

What Exactly Is “Web Presence”?  To most any small business, in 2015 web presence can make make a very big difference in your bottom line.  Who’d have thought 20 years ago, that everyone from CEO’s to students would be carrying the web in their pocket?

Does anyone here remember using “Mosaic” back in 1993? Or did you start using the more consumer friendly version called Netscape Navigator when that was released in 1994?

“It was 20 years ago today, Sargent Pepper taught the band to play!”Wait…Yep…for most all of us, the web turned 20 years old this year. Why? Explorer came out in ’95 and instantly claimed the market and we all starting crawling the net.

And crawling it was….

Back then, web presence meant a basic text based webpage with very minimal graphics (speed was measured by baud rate then, not Mbit/sec), and not much more. Most of today’s pictures on a website would take 5 minutes or more each to download at 300 Baud!  Remember being so excited when a 2400 baud modem hit Radio Shack?

Yahoo in 1994 from the wayback machine.



Remember tying up the phone line glued to a CRT monitor exploring AOL and hoping no one would call and knock you off-line? Ahh…the hazards of the dial-up days.

Today, small business web presence encompasses more than a basic webpage. It’s Responsive Website Design, Social Media, SEO (Google, Google Local, Google Business), AdWords, AdSense, Mobile Users, Social Media Management (SMM), Search Engine Management (SMM), Google Analytics and much more.

Actually, the benefit of web presence today gives you a unique opportunity to “brand” your small business, in ways that weren’t available just a few years ago. So if your webpage is circa 2012 or older and portrays an “outdated” mindset on a phone, or you have a GD site (go daddy) template that looks like every other site on the web (blah), and has next to no proper SEO, it may be time for a change. It may be time to use the web as your branding tool.

If you are ready to bring life to your online presence, give us a call at 844-TRY-TABB. you might be surprised at how affordable a better web presence can be.

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