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"TABB NOW provides web presence optimization (WPO), marketing strategies and consulting services to Small Businesses. TABB NOW knows that effective and engaging strategies are an absolute necessity and continues to turn ideas into realities for our clients in the commercial and government marketplaces. Exceeding client expectations by providing superior quality through impeccable services allows our clients to receive the very best in designs and strategies. TABB NOW does not allow our clients to settle for anything less."

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“But I Can See My Website On My Phone”

More often than not, we hear this response when speaking about responsive website design or being mobile responsive. Apparently, the information provided by TABB Solutions, Google, CIA, DOD, DHS, Mark Cordy, SBA, and so many others are not getting the point across or the information is not in a simple enough explanation. The amount of […]

More From The Federal Contracting Summit 2014 – By Mark Cordy and TABB Solutions

Yesterday I shared my biggest “whoa” moment from the 2014 Federal Contractors Summit in Washington, when we learned that 31% of government buyers look to a business’s social media to help make a purchasing decision. If 31% of buyers in the government look at social media to make a buying decision, what is that percentage […]

Social Media and Government Contracting – By Mark Cordy and TABB Solutions

I attended the 2014 Federal Contracting Summit live webcast from the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington, DC on June 11. Since IBM was the primary sponsor, most of the content was on cloud computing and of course Watson. Watson made his debut a few years ago on Jeopardy, dismantling the best humans they could find […]

The New Phone Books are Here!!! By Mark Cordy and TABB Solutions

Anyone remember Steve Martin in “The Jerk”??  His excited run through the street when the new phone books came out.  “I’m SOMEBODY!” So I see a tweet from Lori Ruff and laugh nearly hard enough to pull a muscle in my stomach. https://twitter.com/IASocialMedia/status/476732922813501440 Why? Because now I am reminded of something….I wander down to take […]

One-on-One with Lori Ruff

“This was worth getting up to this morning,” says Lori Ruff. So, this was my first time speaking directly with the Absolute Rockstar, Lori Ruff from Integrated Alliances and I must say that she is an absolute riot and wonderfully “REAL.” This was supposed to be about business and yes, we talked, in short spurts about […]

Social Media is Here to Stay

FAD noun: fad; plural noun: fads an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities Is Social Media Marketing a fad? No. Social Media is here for the long haul. It’s here to stay. Not because of the platforms or the technologies involved. It’s […]

Why Responsive Website Design Is Important To Showcase

You hear it more and more so let’s face it, Responsive Website Design (RWD) is here and it’s here to stay considering the amount of mobile devices that are in the world. On the side of a web design company like TABB Solutions and many others, we display our projects/ portfolios for others to see. […]

How to Market to the Federal Government

Most companies waste tons of money on marketing efforts to the Federal Government and don’t see anything in return. Many companies that offer these services do not even know the most effective ways to market to Uncle Sam. The founder of TABB Solutions, a US Navy Veteran, has been helping companies contract successfully with the […]

It Was Twenty Years Ago…

Sargent Pepper….no, that was bit longer ago. But back in 1994 the Netscape browser was first released and people began using dial-up services.  The internet, as you and I know it is (give or take) 20 years old. There was no MS Explorer, no Firefox, and certainly no Chrome.  Of course the first webpages were […]

3 Web Design trends For 2014

1.) Tell your story. Just tell your story…what you do, who you do it for and what sets you apart from your competitors.  Content, cloud words, SEO (global and local).  Good graphics and better content than your competitors. 2.) Keep it simple. Walk ons are so 2009.  Don’t clutter up the margins.  Clear navigation and […]