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"TABB NOW provides web presence optimization (WPO), marketing strategies and consulting services to Small Businesses. TABB NOW knows that effective and engaging strategies are an absolute necessity and continues to turn ideas into realities for our clients in the commercial and government marketplaces. Exceeding client expectations by providing superior quality through impeccable services allows our clients to receive the very best in designs and strategies. TABB NOW does not allow our clients to settle for anything less."

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Ten Jaw Dropping Mobile Facts – By Mark Cordy and TABB Solutions

(Voice and Internet Data Usage by Quarter) We hear it over and over and over.  And here at TABB we say it over and over. “The future of the internet is mobile.”  Whether you are a business owner looking to increase sales, a marketing director looking for a better web presence, or you are looking […]

An Earthquake in January 2014 That No One Felt – By Mark Cordy and TABB Solutions

According to the internet usage gurus at Search Engine Watch, a “tectonic shift” occurred earlier this year. Now with all the data in and crunched…. in an article published July 8, 2014… Mobile Internet Usage measured in monthly minutes online as of January 2014 now exceeds Traditional PC desktop/laptop, and the “landscape had changed dramatically. […]

New Scams On LinkedIn

I know that these scams usually hit our everyday inbox but this is apparently starting to hit a new area, your LinkedIn inbox. I received a message from a connection that I initially found to be a little irritating and I just deleted it. Then I thought, just put it out for everyone else to […]

The Mobile Expectation by Mark Cordy

The Mobile Expectation We are past the half way point in 2014, and let’s take a look at some recent mobile figures. • There are now over 1.7 billion activated smartphones. • 945 million of those log into Facebook at least once a month from their phone. • YouTube just cracked 40% mobile usage earlier […]

What is “real”? How do you define “real”?

The case for using Social Media and integrating it into your online marketing is stronger than ever.  There are tremendous SEO benefits associated with deploying a long term Social Media strategy.  That being said, let’s take the red pill and “see how deep the rabbit hole goes”. Have a website.  Make it mobile responsive through […]

Do You Know Your Audience? By Mark Cordy and TABB Solutions

I was looking through the latest Comscore study of Traditional PC (desktop/laptop) vs Tablet vs Smartphone usage. And now I know why 21% of tablet use is in bed. From 2 AM until a tad before 7AM….all web browsing use is pretty much equal. PC’s, tablets and Smartphones. Then right before 7AM there is a […]

Can You Recover From A PR Disaster?

How can a company truly overcome a PR disaster when it is plastered across social media platforms? It was Tuesday, January 28, 1986 and I was at Bruton Heights Elementary School in Williamsburg, VA when everyone in the entire school, teachers and students, along with just about everyone around the world felt their own heart […]

Government Marketing 101

One of the smartest things a business owner can do is to get involved with government contracting. It’s a new revenue stream and no one could argue with that. So you registered in the SAM, so all you need to do is sit back and wait for the sales to come in….and wait….and wait….and wait […]

Social Media And Sales – The Reality – By Mark Cordy and TABB Solutions

Social Media and Sales…The Realty A new Gallop poll finds that U.S. businesses spent about $5.1 billion on social media in 2013. Gallop also projects social media spending to triple by 2015. Can a small business use social media to market goods and services? Of course. Was Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and all the […]

Inside Look At Mark Cordy of TABB Solutions

Mark Cordy is part of the foundation here at TABB Solutions. With over 30 years of marketing and sales experience, Mark is able to relate to numerous businesses and the challenges that they face. With marketing platforms evolving constantly, Mark is at the forefront of being able to convey an in-depth knowledge of just how […]

Where Did All The Laptops Go? – by Mark Cordy and TABB Solutions

Where Did All The Laptops Go? A few years ago, I accompanied a friend to a hospital for some minor surgery. Knowing it would be a daylong adventure (general anesthesia takes a bit to wear off), I brought along my laptop and found a Starbucks buried inside the Marriott Courtyard right around the corner. It […]

How Comfortable Are You With Social Media? – By Mark Cordy and TABB Solutions

How Comfortable Are You With Social Media? In a galaxy far, far away…no, actually not all that long ago, you may have attended the monthly YourTown Chamber of Commerce luncheons and other business networking events, with other like-minded businessmen looking to build business relationships. You were hoping to connect with someone you did not know […]