Over 60% of Company Blogs Are Useless For SEO

Far more than half of all company blogs/news/update pages don’t benefit your company at all when it comes to SEO. Standard SEO best practice is to have a blog located in a subdirectory on your domain.

TABB finds small business owners doing it commonly in one of two ways that don’t help your company website at all.

The first “wrong” is to use a blogging site such as blogspot, wordpress, myblog, blogger, etc.

To put it simply, for the url:

Wrong:  www.bizname.blogspot.com

Right:  www.bizname.com/blog

Doing it this way, you have authoritative, engaging content that is not linked to your site by Googlebots and does not help your site’s SEO.  It simply helps the blogging site statistics (which explains why it’s free).  Also, the “page views” help the SEO of the blog site, not yours, and since page views is a ranking factor it makes sense to be in a subdirectory, so your site gets the page counts.

Another common error is creating a domain for the blog on your server.

Wrong: www.blog.bizname.com

Right: www.bizname.com/blog

Placing the blog on the domain instead of nestled into a subdomain helps the blog benefit from the strength and authority of your primary domain, plus it allows the blog to build links to that primary domain.

Think of it this way: The Googlebot knocks on your internet door. The wrong way, it sees essentially two domains, so it sees two separate sites.  Wouldn’t you think your “web presence” would benefit if Google (or Bing or Yahoo) saw all the information in one authoritative spot?

Additionally, since there is activity on your blog/news/update pages, the bots consider that as an update to your primary domain, not the separate subdomain.  That keeps your website “freshness” score higher.  Also, Google uses the number of page views on a site as a ranking factor as well, so if someone reads an update on your site, it benefits your site.  If it’s on a sub-domain, it benefits the subdomain, not the primary site.

The problem is that it’s easier for your web developers to just install the blog on a subdomain. There is a myth that a subdomain will work just as well as a subdirectory. Evidence proves the disastrous results of this myth. We strongly recommend that you work to put your blog into a subdirectory of your main domain.

When TABB brings on new clients we move these pages from separate domains or subdomains to a subdirectory, we always see a marked increase in both views and SEO. With our clients, we optimize the text (meta) and images (desc) on each and every post within that subdirectory, which has a direct impact for your site’s SEO.

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