Online-Ad-CampaignTABB Solutions continues to be the "no holds barred" of consulting firms.

"We tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. Having seen many companies end up on the losing side because they had a bunch of "yes-men" on their team rather than the honest, straight-shooters, we continue to break down barriers and demystify the GOVCON space for many businesses."

The truths are overrun by the lies throughout this industry. Many will say that "this" is the golden ticket or "this" is all you have to do and the phone will be ringing off the hook.

The truth is simply that contracting with the Federal Government along with State & Local Governments are very time consuming.

Can we help? Yes we can!

Aside from knowing the rules and playing by the rules, TABB Solutions maintains a steady focus on the behind-the-scenes areas of compliance regulations rather than going full force with marketing strategies and campaigns.

The government ONLY needs 1 reason to reject you and they will find it if you give it to them.



gov-workBusiness Development Consulting consists of many aspects focusing primarily on the Marketing and Branding Strategies implemented to effectively reach your target audience.

There are numerous industries that would benefit from Business Development Consulting although TABB Solutions has a particular focus on the Federal Government. The Federal marketplace is highly competitive and is considered by most to be very difficult.

TABB Solutions Inc and its founders have spent the last 20 years helping companies successfully contract with the United States Federal Government. Some of the areas of focus have been and continue to be:

  • Establishing preliminary registrations
  • Assessing and obtaining contracting vehicles such as the GSAFSS, VAFSS, CHESS, SEAPORT E, EAGLE, EAGLE II, TEAMS, AFMS, SEWP and many more
  • Creation, Implementation and Deployment of effective Marketing & Branding Strategies
  • SS, UP, IFB, RFI, RFQ and RFP Preparations
  • Contract Adminstration
  • Compliance Regulations training and assessment
  • and much more

When contracting with the government, always remember this:

Know the rules and play by the rules.


screen-captureThe aim of capture planning is to position prospects to prefer your company and/ or solution over someone else.

Capture planning should involve a well written, action-oriented capture plan. Length and complexity will vary but this process is necessary for both commercial and government markets.

Be realistic and specific when creating your plan of action.

Some results will be:

  • More realistic understanding of opportunities
  • Reduction in capture cost and improved win rates
  • Improved bid decisions


Small business owners should develop a Comprehensive Communications Plan to ensure that they build understanding and positive attitudes in all the groups that influence their success.

An effective Comprehensive Communications Plan should cover the target audience(s), important messages, the current level of understanding from your audience, media for communicating and the measurement of those communications.

Ensuring consistent messaging to all groups are key to a successful plan; individual marketing communications, internal communications and stakeholder communications.

Comprehensive Communications Plan Elements:

  • Goal Determination
  • Identify & Profile Audience
  • Develop Messages
  • Select Communication Channels
  • Choose Activities & Materials
  • Establish partnerships
  • Implement the Plan
  • Evaluate the Plan
  • Make Adjustments and/or Corrections


scam_fraud_theftMany companies have made millions off of others through deception and misleadings, otherwise known as scams and frauds. Government contractors are no stranger to this type of business practice.

The vast majority entice you to become engaged in these practices by spouting off a lot of information that intrigues you and by telling you things that are absolutely false in every way. Some on the other hand, do this by "bending" the truth into something that sounds really good but not too good to be true that you are able to see through the lies.

TABB NOW continues to make waves within the industry by providing facts and figures compiled from government sources, not third-party websites. And yes, we are pissing people off in the process for 1 main reason:

Companies are becoming more informed and armed with concrete knowledge and information that is drastically decreasing the amount of companies engaging such services or believing the "sales pitch" provided to them.

Just to touch on the GSA Schedules for just a moment; there is a paritcular clause in the FSS contract that is awarded (Federal Supply Schedule) to each contractor that states this:

Clause 552.238-74, sourced from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

View Clause 552.238-74 here.

This information can be viewed by the public within the Schedule Sales Query website located at

Pursuant to clause 552.238-74, the final reporting from contractors for FY2015 concluded on 11/30/2015.

The total sales for the GSA Schedules for FY 2015 which ran from 10/01/2014-09/30/2015 is reported as $32,999,814,317.00; now granted $32 Billion is still a lot of money. The question is, what was the Federal Government's budget for FY2015? According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the 2015 budget outlay by the Federal Government exceeded $3.7 TRILLION dollars.

Now, TABB NOW does not claim to be math wizards but it shouldn't be that hard to do the math:

$3,700,000,000,000 (Approximate Spending for FY2015)

$32,999,814,317.00 (GSA Schedules)

Percentage that got spent through the GSA Schedules:

0.0089188687343243 = 0.89188687343243%

So when people try to tell you that a GSA Schedule is the way to go, you may want to think twice or politely decline.

We are not telling you not to pursue and obtain contracting vehicles within the government, we are simply providing some additional, factual information for you as a business owner in order to avoid the true scams and frauds in this industry.

With all elements of the government, it is your responsibility to have the correct information.

TABB NOW helps you contract with AND without Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contracts.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and analysis.