Google Confirms: Now More Mobile Searches Than PC’s

(5-5-15) Tabb Solutions and Mark Cordy – Today in a live stream event, Google announced that mobile searches have now overtaken desktop/laptop searches. It’s no longer “about half the searches”, it’s now over half. This makes the April 21st algorithm change demoting old desktop websites and promoting mobile friendly sites more of a necessity than one of convenience.

The milestone, which was announced at a digital advertising conference, serves as another reminder of how dramatically online behavior has changed since Google started in the Fall of September of 1997.

10 years later, Apple released the first IPhone, starting the 8 year rise of mobile.  In addition to mobile outstripping PC search requests in the US, it’s happening in 9 other countries as well, including Japan according to Google.

At the conference, Jerry Dischler, VP of Google Adwords, stated the obvious. “The purchase funnel is completely dead for the always-on consumer. The challenge (for businesses) is to be present at those moments.”

The first place to start is having a mobile-friendly (by Google Standards) responsive website. If your site is not optimized for “the always-on consumer”, give us a call.  After that’s up and running, know that we are a Google Partner in Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), which gives you the opportunity to “be present at those moments”, on traditional PC’s as well as mobile.

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