Bring SEO Life to Your Business Social Media Posts

Social media is all around us, from CEOs to Millennials to grade school students.  Don’t think CEO’s use social media? Take it up with Mark Cuban or Richard Branson.

In 2015, for businesses to be successful, creating a social media strategy is a must. Web design is no different when it comes to this. Why? Social Media drives traffic to your website for conversions.

Social Media and Web Design

Social media needs to be properly integrated into your website using specialized SEO tools.

There is no better platform to let people know about your social media presence than the home page of your business website. This is why almost all the websites have the icons of different social media websites. Clicking on any of those should lead the website visitor to the company’s social media page (always in a new window!). This is becoming imperative for any website.

Webpage Design Extends to Social Media Pages, News/Updates/Blog posts and Social Media Profiles

The advent of social media has made the internet into a real-time, interactive marketplace. It’s useless to continue having the static webpage you set up 5 or 10 years ago. In addition to creating an attractive website, it is also important to have a prominent social presence. And for that, you need to design how you want to present yourself in front of your potential customers through those social media platforms.

For example, if you want your business to be present on Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest through a page, it is important to design the page properly. The profiles that you have on these social media websites need to be designed in such a way that they can grab the attention of the viewers with immediate effect.  The goal is to brand your business across the web.

The reality is that most small business owners don’t have the time to generate quality content and images, much less have the tools and knowledge to properly integrate white hat SEO into the text and images for social media and company blog/news/update posts.

Optimized Web Content – Business Social Media Posts and Business Blogs are Rarely SEO Optimized

Social media becomes more and more popular with every passing day. For example, Facebook alone has its number of active users in 2015 at 1.41 billion. And that’s just one platform. On each and every post, it’s imperative that both the text and the images need proper SEO, so they are indexed by Google (and Bing). That’s why it pays to have Social Media and Blog Post SEO.

If there is one thing you learn today….

If you’re just posting updates to your social pages for a handful of “likes” and not with the ultimate goal of keyword searches in Google, then you are wasting your time. 

Like this article and move on.

However, If you’d like to see how Social Post SEO works….

DO YOU WANT REAL-TIME PROOF?  This only takes one minute. Open a new incognito window in Google Chrome, or a private window in Mozilla Firefox.  This gives you pure Google search returns without your prior personalization or location influence affecting the results.

Got that window open?  Go to google and search this phrase “neighborhood security patrols tampa

Ignore the ads, and take a look at the organic listings.  The first 3 listings are social media blog posts for the same company.  You’ll notice a LinkedIn social media profile for the exact same company.   4 of the first 5 organic results are for the same company, there are 4 of 5 results for the same company above the fold, and they all place ahead of other bigger competitor web pages and news outlets underneath them.

BTW, those posts are over 5 months old (and they’ll be there 5 months from now). Also keep in mind that company’s Archived Posts appear ahead of competitor’s home pages with the same highlighted keywords in the search results.

How can that be?  

Effective web presence optimization from TABB Solutions, LLC.  No tricks.  No Black Hat. No backlinks.  Each post has 22 SEO tests to pass before being posted, to insure the best Google indexing for your business.

So there you have it.  You just saw live results for a Google search.  No cut and pasted graphics or fancy screenshots here. 

You generated those search results on your computer just now.

If your business is not getting this type of SEO from your social media and blogging efforts, then maybe you should consider giving TABB Solutions, LLC a call for results and not likes. You’ll be surprised how affordable results like this can be. For a free consultation, call us toll free at (844) TRY-TABB

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